Recently, it has been published some facts which show the excellent trend of the automotive sector in Castilla y Leon. With these figures, the sector strengthens its role of national leadership in the vehicles manufacturing.

First of all, the increasing in the vehicles manufacturing in the Renault factories in Castilla y Leon supposes a historic record for the brand and, therefore, for the region. Last year, the company built 578,152 vehicles (Captur, Kadjar, Twizzy and two versions of Megane models), figure which surpasses the 2003 year record, stablished in 547,185 cars. On the other hand, this upward trend reflects in the components sector, considering that the motor building plant in Valladolid has beaten its own record, manufacturing 1,571,593 motors for the Renault plants network worldwide. The keys of these spectacular figures has been the success of the Renault models in the market and the trust of the French company in Castilla y Leon. Moreover, other company of the group, Nissan, has launched the new version of its Micra model, which motors are being built in Valladolid, too.

In macroeconomic terms, the results has been extraordinary too, specially related to the exports. Even though the absolute leadership of the automotive sector as the main exporting one in the regional economic structure, it’s very important to highlight how it keeps the role: from January to October, 2016, the exports of this chapter were 8,602 million of euro, which is an almost a 25% more than in the same period of the former year (6,904 millions). The exports related to the automotive sector (vehicles, motors and components) mean the 60% of the total exports of Castilla y Leon.

Thus, the automotive sector reveals its good health and strength, as well as its ascending path. From the economic structure point of view, it supposes a great news itself, but for the instigating effects in the whole industrial sector too, mainly among the components suppliers. These ones can go on creating employment and richness for the region, thanks to the great moment that the automotive sector is currently living in Castilla y Leon.