Castilla-León has a population of nearly 2.5 million inhabitants, of which slightly less than half belong to the working-age population. The unemployment rate is traditionally over 3 per cent below the Spanish average. Moreover, it enjoys permanent social peace and great stability, encouraged by the Regional Government, Employers’ Associations and Trade Unions.

The labor cost in Castilla-León is significantly lower than the average in the other Spanish regions and the absenteeism in the workplace is also significantly lower than the national average.

Furthermore, the education system provides the labor market with qualified workforce with the highest level of skills, resulting in the productivity of companies in the region ranking among the top positions nationally. This positive and growing trend is observed in Castilla y León.

All these factors make Castilla-León a region well-prepared to meet the expectations of the companies interested in establishing themselves in the area, with a solid offer of skilled, responsible and professional workforce.

Castilla y Leon has a population of around 2.5 million inhabitants, of which a little less than a half belongs to the Labour Force. The unemployment rate has been traditionally more than 3 percentage points below the Spanish

average. It also has a permanent social peace and stability, promoted by the Regional Government, Employers and Trade Unions.

The labor cost in Castilla y León is meaningfully lower than the average of the Spanish regions and the figures of absenteeism are also significantly lower than in the rest of the country.

On the other hand, the education system contributes to the skilled labor market with the highest level of training, which means that productivity in the companies of the region is within the top positions of the national ranking, following a positive trend and growing.

All these factors make Castilla y León a region prepared to meet the expectations of companies interested on establishing their business here, who have a solid supply of qualified, responsible and professional workforce.