ICE is the instrument that the regional government of Castilla y Leon has devoted to the entrepreneurial development and the services for the companies. It belongs to the Regional Ministry of Economy and Treasury, and it works in three main areas:

Your project can qualify for different types of financing, both public and private, by means of various financial products to support the business sector: non-repayable grants for asset acquisition, financial or technical guarantees for internationalization, venture capital, shareholder loans, financial cost bonuses, hedge funds, external bank financing and more.

Public and private financial support is managed through the IBC itself, in collaboration with agencies within its scope such as Iberaval and Sodical as well as other institutions (BEI, ENISA, ICO, Cofides, FAIIP, other private financial groups…)

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This innovative public-private collaboration tool intends to promote viable business projects in Castilla-León by means of a streamline procedure of comprehensive advice and support, both technical and financial, with the ultimate goal of maintaining and generating employment.

In the Platform, all available financial instruments are organized, including those currently in place and those that will be implemented in the coming years, both from public and private sources.

· Castilla-León Regional Government
· Regional financial organizations (Iberaval, Sodical)
· Financial institutions collaborating with the Platform
· National and international agencies and organizations

Both new projects as well as expansions, modernizations or financial adjustment can be eligible, as long as they are carried out in Castilla-León.

You can access the Platform here