Castilla y León is the most energy productive Spanish Region, 12% of the National Total (31.997 Gwh), compared to that consumed internally, only 5% of the National Total (14.154 GWh), which favors commercialization of its production both to other Spanish Regions and to international markets, mainly Portugal. In terms of installed power capacity, Castilla y León has 13,4% of the National Total. This data gains even more importance if we detail the origin of this energy, with almost 25% of the national wind power capacity (5.560 MW), and with a similar percentage of the total installed power capacity of hydraulic origin (about 4.400 Mw).in Spain.

Once more, Castilla y León has been in 2016 the Spanish Region that more wind energy produces (10.940 Gwh), being also the Area with more hydroelectric production (11.570 Gwh). According to other types of energy, the Castilla y León Community was last year the second in coal energy production (6.554Gwh) and the fifth in terms of photovoltaic energy (828 Gwh). More than 90% of the Total Regional energy production has hydraulic, wind and coal origins. In relative terms, about 30% of the hydroelectric energy and 23% of the wind energy produced in Spain come from Castilla y León.

On the other hand, renewable energies have increased their participation in electricity generation in the Peninsula up to 40,8% in 2016, mainly due to the 25,5% rise in the production of hydraulic energy.

This information is a true reflection of the relevance that Castilla y León has nationwide in the generation of electric power from renewable energies, occupying the leading positions in terms of wind and hydraulic energies. In this sense, Castilla y León has an important industrial presence dedicated to the manufacture of components for renewable energies and a clear commitment to the development and dynamization of this sector, through policies that promote the growth and consolidation of our industrial fabric. This creates a wide range of business opportunities for all those companies whose activity is closely related to energy. If your company is interested in being part of our industry, please tell us about your project here and we will guide you throughout the implementation process, informing and advising you on location, aids, financing as well as giving you any other type of support that your project may require.