One of the key factors to carry out an investment project is the guarantee of stability in the environment, so that the investor can plan any project in the long term and be sure that the investment will be protected at any moment. In Castilla y Leon, the political, social and economic stability is a demonstrated fact, thanks to its realistic and long-term focused policies, as well as a broad social agreement in every level and guarantees to protect the investments.

All these factors attract to worldwide investors, notwithstanding the kind of investment, who appreciate the growth possibilities that, thanks to the stable framework of the region, benefit their investments. Additionally, both the legal frame for the creation of companies and the profits return, together with an advantageous tax policy and a broad and useful series of public aids, endorse the investment projects. These pack of measures become into the perfect frame for all those investors who wish to develop their projects without distresses, having the guarantee that the regional government will look out for their progress.

On the other hand, this stability spreads –and we think that this point is especially important- to the already settled investments. The strong social agreement let the companies and workers to work hand-in-hand in a joint and dynamic way, taking over their responsibilities in the progress of the projects and involving themselves in them. This philosophy of work and collaboration, that is a distinctive trait of the region, supposes an additional stability factor that is especially appreciated for those entrepreneurs who have a vision of growth and expansion.