Castilla y León provides with a wide range of aids and incentives aimed for helping companies into developing their business projects as well as the modernization of productive sectors so that the companies located in our region will be able to improve their competitiveness in the international markets.

There are several programs created in order to support investments through financing or non-refundable subsidies targeting different areas such as competitiveness, modernization, innovation, etc… presenting our region as a sure bet for business.

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The regional government provides with a wide range of aids and incentives for companies planning their investment projects, but also for companies which are already established in the region and are designing projects for consolidation, extension, R&D, etc. These aids are completed with a full range of incentives aimed to cover the companies´ needs, in order to face their current challenges regarding competitiveness, R&D development and internationalization.

Investment incentives:

  • Regional Incentives
  • Reindustrialisation
  • MINER Incentives
  • Specific incentives for agro-food industries
  • Incentives for business creation
  • SMEs investment projects

R & D Incentives:

  • CDTI (Centre for Industrial Technological Development) incentives
  • R&D Projects
  • Strategic R&D plans
  • SME innovation support
  • SME Knowledge transfer
  • Fomento a la innovación en pymes
  • ICT industry development

Other incentives:

  • Hiring incentives
  • Training incentives
  • Internationalization incentives

If you need further details on the aids and incentives available at this stage for your industry or specific project, please contact us here and we will provide you with full information on the opportunities for your company´s needs.