The geographical location of Castilla y Leon provides a privileged situation on four levels:

  • For the inner market, because it shares borders with more than a half of the other Spanish regions, among these, the most industrialized ones and, especially, with Madrid, that is located at 20 minutes from the region.
  • For the European market, because it adjoins Portugal and because from East to West is a key and central part of the Lisbon-Paris-Helsinki axis, which permits to optimize the logistics of any product and to facilitate its transport and the company expansion.
  • For the overseas market, because Castill y Leon connects the North of Spain and the North of Africa, and because it has a natural and easy departure point to the Atlantic Sea and France. Moreover, the regiona has important international connections.
  • For all the economic life aspects, because of its physical, cultural and entrepreneurial proximity to Madrid. The capital of Spain is not only quite close, but very well connected by train or highway with all the main cities of Castilla y Leon.

All these factors, together with its great size, convert Castilla y Leon into unique region in Europe.