Castilla y Leon benefits from a modern and efficient highways and motorways that permit a fluid traffic with the rest of the Iberian Peninsula and Europe (the French border is 150 kms. away). The most of the kilometers of the road network are toll-free, and they are in a superb condition thanks to its permanent maintenance.

We can highlight the following regional roads:

  • Bringing together the North-South Axis:
    • A-66, from the North of Leon to the South of Salamanca (“Ruta de la Plata” highway). This road links the North of Spain (Asturias) and its South (Sevile), which facilitates the access to the ports of Aviles and Algeciras, respectively. Toll-free.
    • A-1, from the North of Burgos to Madrid. This road links Madrid to Bilbao and France, in the North. Toll-free in the greater part of its itinerary.
    • A-67, from Valladolid to Santander (Port). Toll-free.
  • Bringing together the East-West Axis:
    • A-62 (Transeuropean axis), connecting the Portuguese and French borders. Toll-free in the greater part of its itinerary.
    • A-6, from Madrid to Galicia (Vigo port), which goes accross Castilla y Leon in the most of its itinerary. Toll-free in Castilla y Leon.

As a whole, in Castilla y Leon there are more than 2,400 kms. of highways and motorways, and into the region, almost all the main cities are connected by them.  The Adolfo Suárez-Barajas International Airport (Madrid), the busiest in Spain, is 55 minutes from the center of the region.