Railway routes connect the main provinces of Castilla y Leon among them, and these ones connect the region with the rest of them and Portugal. Castilla y Leon has a railway network that crosses the region through its more than 3,000 kms. of tracks, where run the most of the railway traffic of the Northern half of Spain.

Relating to goods, the railway network is currently moving more than 3,200 daily tons, taking advantage of the strategic importance of the logistic hubs placed along it. In that sense, the design of the railway Spanish map gives to Castilla y Leon the role of articulating and linking the goods traffic between the North and South of Spain, especially in its ramifications to the Northwest (Galicia) and Northeast (Basque Country, Catalonia and France). That favors, in addition, the access of these goods to the main ports of the Iberian Peninsula.

In terms of passengers, the prominence of this railway network belongs to the several High Speed Train lines that cross the region. This High Speed Train places Madrid 55 minutes away from Valladolid and 20 from Segovia, with several trains per day, as well as it connects the capital of Spain with the North and, shortly, the Atlantic Coast and the Iberian Northwest. The Spanish Infrastructures Plan consider the extension of stretches in the region, both in inner journeys and in the direct connection with other regions and indirect ones with the French TGV.