With their extensive experience in the automotive sector, companies from this industry and new foreign companies have established a solid base for the aeronautics sector.

In keeping with the growing trend in the aerospace market towards using composite materials, the majority of these companies are firmly committed to investing in research, development and innovation in technologies for new materials with complex structures and applying these structural components in the aeronautics industry.

The wide variety of possibilities that Castile and Leon offers in the aeronautics sector is reflected in the region’s commitment to a broad spectrum of lines of research and activities related to the sector. These range from developing new aerospace structures and technologically advanced composite materials research, development and applications to developing air traffic control and unmanned flight systems.

Additionally, Castile and Leon has positioned itself as one of the most important Spanish regions in the aerospace sector and offers various initiatives in satellite engineering and mission analysis, development of ground segment systems, remote sensing, simulation and development of spatial technologies applied to location and positioning systems, satellite navigation and telecommunications.