The educational infrastructure of Castilla y León is very complete and its offer in the field of education is at the height of the most developed regions. This privileged position enables a high level of training and quality of human resources in the region.

In Castilla y León, there are more than 1,000 centers providing primary and secondary education to more than 275,000 students. Of these centers, over 500 offer some bilingual learning section and that coexists with 34 other official foreign language schools. This educational offer is complemented by an extensive and developed system of vocational training plans aimed at ensuring an adequate integration in the labor market with the highest level of training. Thus, there are over 200 centers providing vocational training with almost 40,000 students.

At upper levels of education, Castilla y León is the Spanish region and one of the European countries with the highest university population among its youth.

This system allows, at the same time, a process of continuous training and adaptability of employees to the diversification experienced by regional companies. In addition, it guarantees the supply of qualified professionals for all the necessary positions in any company, regardless of their size or sector of activity.