Your project can obtain different types of financing aids, both public and private, through guarantees, loans, participative loans, risk capital or seed capital funds.

These financial instruments are managed through several entities such us Iberaval, ICO, Cofides, Reindus, private banking, mutual guarantee companies or risk capital entities.

In order to get free personalized counselling for your project or if you need an estimate on the financing possibilities, please contact us here and we will shortly get in touch with you to study the best opportunities for your business.



This innovative instrument of public-private collaboration aims to promote viable business projects within the region of Castilla y León through an agile proceeding of complete assessment and support, both financial and technical, with the ultimate aim of maintaining and generating employment.

Every financial instrument available is included in the launcher, as well as any forthcoming within the next years, both public and private:

  • Castilla y Leon Government.
  • Regional Financial institutions (Iberaval, Sodical)
  • Financial entities which have subscribe the launcher´s agreement
  • National and international entities and institutions

Both Greenfield projects and extensions, modernizations, refinancing or restructuring projects can be financed, as long as they are carried out in the region.

You can access the financial launcher here.